Thursday, January 24, 2013

Opinion: Lance Isn't Bad

I remember buying my first Livestrong bracelet. After it, I went on to buy three more. And the feeling I got when I bought them stayed the same. Even when i look back at my yellow band of hope, I feel the same way. Sure, Lance Armstrong lied, he doped. His legacy may be tarnished, his reputation ruined. But all of that is as an athlete, an elite cyclist.

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I was fascinated with this man, a role model, a fighter. He gave me hope. When I wore his bracelet, I supported his fight against cancer. I supported Lance Armstrong. And when all's said and done, I still support him. I respect Lance Armstrong. I look up to him, just as I did before he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and Olympic bronze medal.

As an athlete, the greatest dishonor you get is lying, cheating to the millions that loved and adored you. What's worse for Armstrong is that he did it so well for fourteen years, he even had his family fooled. People are so quick to judge to him, forgetting all the great things he did.

Lance Armstrong beat cancer. He helped people with the same problems he had. He taught everyone how to believe and how to have hope, even in the most dire situations. For that, I am forever grateful. Armstrong inspired me. He will always be a great person in my book, no matter what the records show. Sometimes, the best athletes are the ones who give everything because everything was taken away from them.

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