Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playoffs Continue

AFC: Baltimore Ravens (38) vs. Denver Broncos (35)
What seemed like a somewhat easy victory for Peyton Manning and his Broncos was anything but. Neck and neck the whole way, the Broncos-ravens thriller is one for the books. Rookie QB for the Ravens, Joe Flacco saved the game for his team with 31 seconds left in the game and seven points down. He completed a 70 yard pass for a touchdown to go into overtime. Peyton Manning was spectacular early on, but an interception in the second overtime led the Ravens to hit a field goal, keeping veteran Ray Lewis' legacy alive. The Ravens will play the winner of the Texans-Patriots.

NFC:Green Bay Packers (31) vs. San Francisco 49ers (45)
Some called it Judgement Day for Jim Harbaugh, coach of the 49ers after his decision to keep second year QB Colin Kaepernick instead of Alex Smith. His decision paid off. Kaepernick ran for 181 yards, setting a QB record. Veteran Aaron Rodgers looked out of sync with the Packers, completing only 26 of 39. The Niners dominated the whole way, setting a post season record of 579 total yards. The 49ers will play the winner of the Falcons-Seahawks game for the NFC title.

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