Thursday, February 14, 2013

Opinion: LeBron's Not Michael


Michael Jordan is one of the best, if not the best, players in NBA history. When a new player comes along, they're held to the Jordan standard. He did what few men did before him. The Jordan era was long uncontested by anyone to try to stand in his shadow. Then Kobe Bryant came and for once it seemed that someone could finally match the greatness that encompassed Jordan. Now, suddenly LeBron James is in the running for the next big thing.

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There's no doubting James's greatness in his own right. But just because he's shooting well for the past six games does not mean he can even compare to Jordan. Michael Jordan and LeBron James could not be more different. James is an elite player, and very young as well, but as of now, he's not better than Kobe or even Mike.

When Michael Jordan played, the players around him respected him. They knew the magnitude of Jordan's legacy and felt honored. With LeBron, no one feels that way. Except maybe Kevin Durant, no players have voiced opinions on how great James is. While what he's done is stunning, it's selfish. When someone like Kobe Bryant makes over 30 points consecutively, people call him a ball hog. So why is that when James does it, people call it legendary? If Bryant is a ball hog because he makes shots, so is James.

LeBron James is good. He's great. But he's not Michael Jordan. Not yet.

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