Monday, February 4, 2013

Opinion: Super Bowl XLVII (Ravens)

It was all about Ravens. From the first snap to the last few seconds, Joe Flacco in the offense and Ray Lewis in the defense showed why John Harbaugh's team made the Super Bowl. Harbaugh repeatedly told reporters that the big game was about the players, not the coaches. His statement held true.


Flacco carried the Ravens team on his back. His throwing was nearly perfect and he made big plays on third down conversions. He played San Francisco's defense extremely well and ultimately was the best guy on the field. It's obvious why he was chosen as MVP, Flacco kept his cool throughout everything. When their twenty-two point dwindled down to five, he was collected and played good football.

Where Flacco fell short, the defense led by veteran Ray Lewis picked up. When the 49ers tried to come back, Ray Lewis showed them why there was so much hype around him. The defense kept the Niners to few good plays, and made few mistakes.


John Harbaugh was the better coach, but as he said, coaching doesn't win a game. Players win a game. And it was evident that the Baltimore Ravens had the better players and deserved the Lombardi trophy that Lewis didn't allow his teammates to touch.

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